Interview of Mrs Parvin Petrou (M.D.) to Brush Expert

Saturday, 8 December 2018
Could you tell us how this business journey started?
Having lost all our assets in the summer of 1974 due to the tragic events in Cyprus, we began to search for new opportunities to restart our lives. Having conducted some studies, we came up with the idea of entering the paint brush business – with small, semi-automatic machines we designed and operated in our capital.
What were the major landmarks along the way?
From our initial 150m² rented basement at the end of 1977 with just a few workers making paint brushes, we moved to our own premises in 1980 adding more products to our range.
In 1988, we moved to a much larger, fully-owned factory producing several thousand paint brushes and rollers daily.
2001 saw us making a significant move in building our second factory – this time in Jordan. Production was made vertically-integrated, with most raw materials produced in-house. Both factories have won export awards from their relevant chambers of commerce.
How did you involve the second generation?
Following completion of their studies, all 3 youngsters joined family businesses gaining experience in the Cyprus and Jordan operations. They are now in responsible positions, helping the business consolidate and hopefully grow.
What are the business plans for the near future?
Soon we will be commencing construction of another extension to our Jordan factory. This is due to strong and continuous demand for our products – mainly by customers who have been with us for nearly 20 years.
What advice would you give other business owners? 
Let the young generation get involved and prepare them and support them along the way.
Identify who can offer value where – but do not be afraid to bring outsiders if they can add value.